Transmigration of Flower Mandala essence

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More soon on the topic of transforming the essence of one type of art into another, but both the therapist and the artist in me wanted to convey a personal example by showing how my Flower Mandalas were transformed by artist Emily Sper into line art for our coloring book, 52 Flower Mandalas.

Below is part of a table I created of all 52 mandalas, in both photographic and line art forms. You can download the whole table here: Mandala index.pdf.

Banner image

To get a sense of the parallels between the original book and the coloring book, download a preview of the original Flower Mandalas book here: and a full-resolution sampler of the coloring book here:

I hope you find this example, and this process, interesting. I’d love to hear any questions or comments on the images, the illustrations, or the transformative process we went through to go from one set of images to the other. I’m also interested in any examples you can point to or talk about from your own experience of this kind of collaboration.

– David
David J. Bookbinder​, LMHC

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