Photography tip: Easy way to change DSLR lenses

Although I’ll mostly be posting images or writing about photography here, the lens-changing method in this video is probably the single most useful photography tip I’ve ever encountered, so I wanted to pass it on. It has saved me from losing many picture-taking opportunities I would have missed due to having the wrong lens on the camera.

Until I learned it, I was always looking for somewhere to set the lens not on the camera down so I could remove the rear lens cap and then exchange the lenses. This method lets you easily and quickly exchange lenses without needing to set anything down, and it’s simple enough to do while walking, if necessary. Also, because the body of the camera is open for only a couple of seconds, there is little opportunity for dust to get into the camera body while the lens swap is taking place.

This YouTube video posted by another photographer demonstrates it in detail. I wish I’d figured this out 40 years ago!

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