Flower Mandalas: 52 Flower Mandalas book-in-progress

Greetings. As I chip away at matching images to concepts, concepts to quotes, and image/concept/quotes to personal essays, I’m posting my work on the “Fifty-Two Flower Mandalas” book on Behance.net. I’d very much appreciate your comments and (if it’s true) your clicking “Like,” as apparently a certain number of “Like” clicks puts the project up on the main Behance.net wall, where it can be viewed and commented upon by other Behance.net folks.

Here’s a link to the Behance.net portfolio: Fifty-Two Flower Mandalas

Currently the project has not made much headway since my initial posting, but when I come back from a trip to Santa Fe next month, where I am presenting at the Creativity & Madness conference on using the Hero’s Journey approach to heal addiction, I’ll be getting busy on it. So, please check out what’s up there now and stay tuned for more.

Here’s a link to the conference: Creativity & Madness conference.

– David
David J. Bookbinder, LMHC

Discussion: Facebook Flower Mandalas page

Request the 15 Flower Mandalas screensaver: Fifteen Flower Mandalas

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