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Now that our coloring book 52 Flower Mandalas is completed, I’d like to find more ways to get it out into the world. Marketing and promotion, alas, have never been my strengths, so I’d appreciate some advice and some help.

A friend suggested that because coloring is a relaxing, meditative, but also a creative activity, 52 Flower Mandalas would be an asset to HR departments (who could use it in workshops), schools (where it could be used as a relaxation technique with teachers and older students), and as an alternative to “art bars” and “painting nights” at various venues. All of this made sense, but how to get from idea to actuality is something of a mystery to me.


So, I am asking you for suggestions on how to approach these venues, for specific places I might contact, and for places you would be willing to contact that could be interested in using this book in workshops or other coloring gatherings.

Thanks for thinking about this!

More anon,

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