Looking for a few good … opinions!
(And offering a giveaway)

Thanks for your thoughts on The Art of Balance title earlier this fall. The book is moving through its early pre-release stages. I’m busily getting feedback, making revisions, building a new website for Transformations Press, and investigating ways to network.

But before I can get much further, I need a good cover!

1. The Scene:

You’re feeling stressed and you’re scrolling through books on stress relief in the hope of finding a solution to your woes. You come upon one of these four book covers:


2. The Survey:

Click here to tell me, in this one-question survey, which cover you’d be most likely to click (and, optionally, why you were drawn to that particular one). Your opinions on the survey (and any additional thoughts) will be helpful in shaping the future of this book.

3. The Giveaway:

While you’re waiting for The Art of Balance to relieve that stress, take a look at these free books and courses.

For Black Friday, I’ve teamed up with several other authors. We’re offering books and courses that promote physical and mental health. Books cover topics such as diet, fitness, stress relief, time management, general wellness, and minimalism.

You can find the offer here:Black Friday Free Books and Courses

There are 14 free books and courses altogether. Scroll down the page to see what might be helpful to you!

More soon,

– David

P.S. Back to our regularly scheduled programming next post!

Paths to Wholeness: Fifty-Two Flower Mandalas
52 (more) Flower Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book for Inspiration and Stress Relief
52 Flower Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book for Inspiration and Stress Relief
Paths to Wholeness: Selections (free eBook)
… and coming soon, The Art of Balance: Staying Sane in an Insane World

Copyright 2017, David J. Bookbinder

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