The launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik when I was 7 years old drew me to science, and especially to space science. In my bedroom, I hung posters of all the Soviet and American rockets and satellites. When I grew up, I wanted to be a rocket scientist and, perhaps, also an astronaut. I was 10 when President Kennedy announced the goal of getting a man to the moon and back by the end of the decade – a goal NASA achieved in 1969, the year I graduated from high school and started at Cornell University’s engineering school, still intent on becoming a NASA engineer.

As a kid scientist, one of the most exciting times for me was watching the countdown to launches at Cape Canaveral. The shots of the giant rockets, the interviews with Mercury 7 and Apollo astronauts and NASA support personnel (including the engineers whose ranks I hoped to join), and the excitement of the countdown itself were among my most thrilling moments.

Although I ultimately became a writer and therapist instead of a rocket scientist, I’ll also soon be doing a launch.

The launch is a “soft launch” of my new book The Art of Balance: Staying Sane in an Insane World. I don’t expect it to match the excitement of sending a man to the moon, but I do expect it to provide help to anyone who is struggling with stress, a loss or misfortune, or just staying balanced in these difficult times.

Click here to see a sampler of The Art of Balance.

It’s a short book with lots of illustrations, but the payload is powerful. Here’s a brief summary:

The Battle of Balance is a life and death struggle: Stay balanced, and we enjoy life to the fullest. Lose balance, and things get hard.

In The Art of Balance: Staying Sane in an Insane World, you’ll learn how to stay on top of the forces that unbalance us, how to recover if you get knocked down, and how to be ready the next time life’s unbalancers throw you a curve ball.

Each chapter provides innovative methods to help you stay balanced and in control of your life now, and also get a leg up on whatever the world throws at you in the future. You’ll learn to:

  • Recognize when your balance is getting shaky (before you topple)
  • Bolster your resilience, so you can stay steady on your feet or bounce back quickly
  • The 6-step process for recovering balance
  • How to monitor for imbalance and stay on top of unbalancers

When you follow the steps revealed in The Art of Balance, you’re sure to move forward with a spring in your step that won’t get unsprung.

Click here to see a sampler of The Art of Balance.

The countdown has started, and rain or shine, takeoff will occur on 2/1/2018.

Stay tuned, and see you in cyberspace!


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