Coming Attractions
The Art of Balance

The Art of Balance

I’m doing the final tweaks on the book, ebook, and website for The Art of Balance. Here’s what some early reviewers are already saying about it:

“I found it empowering and self-motivating. It truly was difficult to stop reading once I began.”

“A self-help book that actually helps!”

“If you want to avoid a long-winded and theory-based self-help book, then this is the book for you. David provides practical exercises that are easy to follow and they really do work.”

“This book is very motivating and extremely validating!”

“Comes at the subject in a simple, easily understood approach. I found myself not wanting to put it down.”

“This book is a must have for artists and creative people.”

“Whether you’re in a recovery program or just feel lost, the principles, exercises, and examples in this book can help regain a feeling of purpose and direction. It did for me.”

“Definitely a must read.”

“I would recommend Bookbinder’s newest effort to anyone struggling with issues in recovery that relate to maintaining lifestyle balance.”

“The Art of Balance was a fascinating read full of helpful information on finding balance. The section on mini self-care was particularly helpful especially when dealing with a very hectic schedule.”

And here’s a peek at the rear cover:

The Art of Balance

I’m excited about this book!

Stay tuned for more, soon –

– David

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Coming Attractions
The Art of Balance

  1. I think my life is basically a balanced one, but I feel the stress all around me in this past year of social upheaval (politics of division, #metoo, mass shootings, weather-related disasters, for example) — the insane world! I have found a way, through the tools and examples offered here, to detect and understand my own stressors before they get out of hand, and make course corrections on an ongoing basis. I feel much better, more prepared — and stronger!

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