Stories Within Stories

A Story Within a Story
The Story of a Story

Eugene K. Garber's Eroica Trilogy is a sustained exploration of the powerful impulse to tell stories and the impediments all storytellers face—an exploration that climaxes in The House of Nordquist, a fascinating blend of detective story, gothic novel, epistolary tale, and social critique.

Gene briefly comments on one of the novel's central issues below:

In The House of Nordquist Alice, misfortunate wife of Erik’s acolyte Paul, wants to tell her story. She know it’s an important part of the narrative of the strange and terrible events that occurred at the House of Nordquist and their consequences. But she doesn’t know the art of storytelling.

She does understand that for a story you have to be selective. “You can’t begin a story, once upon a thousand same days, can you?” No, of course not. Alice also knows that good stories have foreshadowing. "Foreshadowing. Good. There were lots of foreshadows at the House of Nordquist. You could say that the house and hill was just one big foreshadow.”

Alice can be comical and at the same time profound. I urge you to read more of Alice’s foray into storytelling. Is it Alice who can set straight the multiple tellings of the story of the House of Nordquist? Or is it someone else, or nobody?

What’s your story? The story of your first romance, or the story of the death of a loved one. Do you know how to tell it?

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In his next installment, Gene will talk about a paradox. "It is inevitable" he says, "that although we will try to tell stories and tell them truthfully, they are always fabrications."

As he counsels, "Do not suffer alone the travails of torturous paradoxes."If you'd like a guide through the labyrinth of stories within stories and an alternative to news both real and fake, click here or the image below to subscribe to Gene's witty, intriguing, and always enlightening newsletter:  

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