The Cast of Characters: UnBalancer

What makes things go out of balance?

Things get unbalanced when there’s a design flaw, when something breaks, or when unequal forces press on an object. Imbalance usually gets worse over time, gradually compromising the whole structure.

An unbalanced tire rattles the car. A leak in a roof leads to a ceiling falling in. When winds vibrated the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington state, the whole structure danced briefly and then catastrophically collapsed. When an o-ring failed in the space shuttle Challenger, the spacecraft exploded.

Something similar happens to us when the forces that throw us out of balance are at play. We begin to wear and to ripple, sometimes to the point of collapse, sometimes to explosion.

These myriad forces have a common root in UnBalancer.

UnBalancer is not only chaos, though chaos can be its friend. Nor is it only accident, misfortune, entropy, chance, obliviousness, fear, greed, distrust, anger, hatred, passion, illness, or any of the other internal and external forces that sometimes knock us out of alignment. It’s all of these things, and it’s also more.

See how UnBalancer works its nefarious ways on you (and everyone else) in this next installment from my forthcoming course, Mastering the Art of Balance: Stay Sane in an Insane World. 


Let me know what your UnBalancers are, either by email or as a comment on the blog post.

Every four weeks or so, I’ll post course videos here and on a new YouTube channel. My hope is that the video presentation will attract a wider audience and more engagement. A Facebook self-help group, The Balance Lab, is available to anyone who purchases either the book or the course.

The course’s first home will be, the largest online course marketplace. The course will have many additional videos, downloadable resources, and other bonuses not available anywhere else.

Looking forward to your comments. See you in cyberspace –


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The Cast of Characters: UnBalancer

  1. I like your performance style. But even more, detecting sources of unbalance in my day-to-day life that keep me just on edge enough to matter. Thank you David for doing this series.

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