First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is!

A recent trip to Vermont reminded me that, although I’m still enamored of the mountains north of Santa Fe, NM, New England mountains also have their particular, softer charm.

Some views of the Green Mountains, north and south







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10 thoughts on “
First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is!

  1. Hi David! I just want to say that looking back I often marvel at how helpful your therapy was. My mind was sort of like a blunt object, and you helped me hone it into a useful tool. 52 Mandalas is a beautiful book, I especially enjoy the humor in your writing, and the way you share interesting experiences. I’m looking forward to reading the next book, and I wonder if you are considering writing any works of fiction in the future?

    1. Thanks, Li. It’s really nice to hear from you and to get this feedback. The next book is about balance. After that, I may go back to the several unfinished books I have. One is also nonfiction, but the other three are fiction – one novella and two novels. Time will tell!

  2. Having lived in the south for a number of years now, I find the colors of the northeast still appeal to me. The blue is so calming and the clouds in the first picture are magnificent – although I have seen some amazing clouds before the many thunderstorms here. As Diane said, I often wonder what our planet will look like 1000 years hence.

  3. Hi David, I’m new to your site and I want to Thank you for sharing your creativity with everyone , including me. I love the state of Vermont. I’ve been there twice in my life time; so far. I have two favorites of your beautiful photos of Vermont. The first and the second. The first being photo #1. I love the eight layers of color, from the clouds to the forground. It’s dramatic and natural. There’s a small break in the clouds that light up that perfect little dome shaped mountain. The mountain looks new, like a baby, with a long life of growing ahead of it. The second favorite of mine is photo #3, which also has eight layers of color, only softer, not as dramatic. I love it because to me, it looks like the waves of an ocean in deep water. It shows how the land rises and dips, just rolling along , just as waves do, enjoying there life, calmly with quiet serenety knowing that they too have a long life ahead of them as our planet ages. I wonder what they’ll look like a thousand years from now.

    1. Hi, Diane. Welcome to my little section of the world, and thank you for your interpretation of the photos. You have a very keen eye – I hadn’t counted the layers myself, though I am partial to photos with multiple bands of layering like these, too. And I, like you, wonder about what things will be like in a thousand years, or a million.

  4. These photos a deep delight, especially since I saw the mountains for myself but now through your eyes and perspective, a new experience. Thank you DJB, writer, photographer, therapist.

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