Video: The Cast of Characters, Part I

The Art of Balance courses teach you how to manage stress, build resilience, and to restore and maintain life balance.

But they also tell a story.

You are the protagonist of this tale, an epic battle not only for balance but literally for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The villain in this story is the nefarious UnBalancer.

UnBalancer is all the forces that can throw us off track, get us down, even defeat us if we let them. I’m talking about sudden stresses like job loss, romantic breakups, health or financial crises, accidents. And also chronic stresses such as a bad relationship, the wrong job, anxiety, depression, burnout, addictions, ongoing health issues, or living paycheck to paycheck.

In the Art of Balance system, these stresses are all embodied in UnBalancer.

To learn more about this powerful antagonist, click here or click the video thumbnail below.

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1 thought on “Video: The Cast of Characters, Part I

  1. I really like the three-breath relaxation idea. Much better for me than the 1-2-3-4 breathe in, hold, breathe out. I have asthma, so that was stressful! Plus, I can hear your calming voice as I do it. Thanks!

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