Video: The Cast of Characters, Part II

If UnBalancer is your nemesis, it is matched by two allies I call Balancer and ReBalancer.

Balancer operates in the background and is the part of you that deals with ordinary and routine stress. It includes the skills you’ve learned and the habits you practice that keep your psychological and emotional immune systems running smoothly.

Balancer keeps us sane and balanced most of the time, and for the most part holds UnBalancer at bay.

But if the stress is too much, or goes on for too long, Balancer can be overpowered. That’s when its trusty sidekick, ReBalancer, comes to the rescue.

ReBalancer is the collection of tools, techniques, strategies, actions, and supports we’ve either already acquired, or can acquire, to help restore balance when we’ve been pushed too hard, too suddenly, or for too long.

Find out more about how these fundamental parts of us work together in this video:

See you in the next video –


Copyright 2021, David J. Bookbinder 

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