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In the previous posts, you’ve gotten a peek at of the scope of the Art of Balance courses, learned some of the basic theory, and had a chance to try out a couple of the Quick Wins.

The next video in this sequence is actually a pair of videos. It’s a demonstration of one of the most useful questions I’ve learned as a therapist.

It’s called the Miracle Question, and it goes like this:

Imagine that you do whatever you’d normally do with the rest of today. Then tonight, you fall asleep. Nothing unusual, right?

But, while you’re sleeping, a very strange and wonderful thing occurs. The strange and wonderful thing is that a miracle happens! And not just any miracle. This Miracle is a special one, tailored just for you. The miracle is that all the problems that concerns you have today are solved. Amazing right? Fantastic!

But the catch is, the miracle happened while you were asleep. So, when you wake up, you don’t know anything about it. When you wake up tomorrow, you are solidly in the world of the miracle, 24/7. But at first you’re unaware that this amazing thing has even happened.

So the first part of the question is: Tomorrow morning, from the moment you wake up and as you step through your first miraculous day, what do you notice – in yourself, in your surroundings, in other people – that eventually gets you scratching your head thinking, Something’s different about today. A miracle must have happened!

The Art of Balance Basic Training and Mastering the Art of Balance guide you through asking and answering this question. These two videos show the process in action.  The first describes the setup (which involves a bit of time travel), and the second is the demonstration itself.

Buckle your seatbelts. It’s a transformative ride.

The Setup:

The Demonstration

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